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Bright Locator SIM Cards Are pre-cut in 3 sizes to fit any device: Standard, Micro and Nano sizes, with flexible plans available within the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our pre-cut SIM kit are Pre-loaded and ready to use in your GPS Tracker/IoT Devices upon activation. No contracts, no credit check, no hidden fee. receive a free SIM card when a plan is purchase. 

Most of the GSM GPS trackers now require SIM cards to achieve connectivity, meaning that if you own a GPS tracking device you will need a SIM card plan to be able to track and navigate. Bright Locator provide a variety of flexible plans to meet your needs. No contracts, no credit check, no hidden fee, receive a free SIM card when a plan is purchase. Bright Locator SIM cards are compatible with nearly all 5G, 4G LTE GSM GPS Trackers.

Single Click Flexible plans

we want you to have the best experience while shopping, our plans are compatible with any GSM GPS tracker and IOT devices. you are a single click away from choosing a flexible plan, all plans come pre-load with a free sim card.

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Our team are working 7-days a week to make sure your shopping experience goes smooth. We are ready to answer any questions and concern you may have, don't hesitate to contact us.

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